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Turn any room into an easy, quick and cost-effective mold prevention and disinfection room using our Flashbar UV lighting system. Wall or ceiling mounted UV light systems allow permanent solutions that are as easy to use as traditional overhead lights. A customized design with placement details and number of units can be implemented so that your facility will be optimized for both effectiveness and cost savings. The Flashbar provides an affordable method o disinfect surfaces and kill mold spores and other harmful organisms.

To transform an ordinary room into a disinfection room, Flashbar UV light fixtures are mounted in such a way so UV-C light is emitted to flood the room so that UV light touches every desired surface to produce an organism reduction of 99% within minutes.

The Flashbar can be integrated into the growing room to disinfect the room as well as the plants, or it can be placed into a separate room to act as a sterile pass-through for components, tools and other items entering the growing room.

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High UV Output

Each Flashbar contains 4 high-output UV-C bulbs to provide rapid disinfection of surfaces

High UV Output

The Flash Tunnel outputs UV-C light at a minimum 3000 µW/cm2 to provide rapid disinfection of items passing through

Low Power Consumption

The Flashbar can operate on either 110 or 240 VAC and draws less than 3 amps.

Overall Dimensions* 60" H x 120-180" L x 30" W
Interior Dimensions* 24" H x 27" W
Power 115 VAC, 15 Amps