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The TORCH-Aire Disinfection Tower is an inexpensive, easily transportable, powerful disinfection system designed for use in any healthcare, laboratory, or research setting. It is used to provide a rapid and highly effective method to disinfect the room air of hazardous organisms. Since the bulbs are shielded, the unit can operate around the clock even with people present.
The TORCH-Aire contains two high powered UVC lamps to provide quick disinfection times. It simply plugs into any wall outlet. Each TORCH-Aire produces an efficient UVC output to get a calculated 99.99% reduction of viruses and bacteria. The TORCH-Aire provides a dosage of 13.8 mJ/cm2 during each pass through TORCH-Aire chamber

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Download the TORCH-Aire Brochure

Download the UV-C Disinfection Data Sheet

High UV Output

The TORCH-Aire outputs UV-C light at 4600 µW/cm2 to provide rapid disinfection of the air passing through

Low Power Consumption

The TORCH-Aire can be plugged into any standard 115 VAC outlet.

Quiet Operation

The TORCH-Aire uses an internal fan to minimize noise, allowing for continuous operation.

UV-C Output 13.8 mJ/cm2 per pass through system
Overall Dimensions 70" H x 12" L x 12" W
Weight 23 lbs
Power 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2 Amps