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BSC ScrubberTM

BSC Scrubber
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The BSC Scrubber is a carbon based scrubbing system used for the removal of chlorine dioxide gas. In most applications, chlorine dioxide gas can be discharged directly to the atmosphere after its use, but in circumstances where discharge is impossible or unavailable, a scrubber system can provide the solution. The BSC Scrubber will be connected to the target area with hosing and the gas will be pulled through the scrubber with the attached blower. The BSC Scrubber is an efficient "once-through" system so constant recirculation is not needed to remove the gas. The BSC Scrubber is ideal for small applications such as isolators, biological safety cabinets (BSCs), sterilizers, small pass-through rooms, and can also be utilized as a pressure relief system. A larger version is also available, please visit our Room Scrubber page for complete information

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Carbon Based System

Activated carbon is a highly effective material for the efficient removal of chlorine dioxide gas.

Once-through Operation

Chlorine dioxide will be removed from the target area with one pass through the scrubber.


The Room Scrubber is portable for easy movement within your facility.

Low Power Consumption

The Room Scrubber uses minimal power and can be utilized in both 110 and 220 VAC applications.

Room Scrubber
Scrubbing Media Activated Carbon Pellets
Dimensions 13" W x 43" H x 18" D
(33 cm x 109 cm x 46 cm)
Power 120/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz