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CD Generating CartridgesTM

CD Generating Cartridges
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The CD Cartridge Set is specifically designed for use with ClorDiSys' chlorine dioxide gas generation systems. Using Sodium chlorite as the active ingredient, the cartridges converts reagent gas (2% Chlorine / 98% Nitrogen) into a high purity chlorine dioxide using a unique solid phase reaction.

EPA Registered Sterilant (EPA Registration No. 80802-1)

Download the CD Cartridges Brochure or the CD Generating Cartridge MSDS for more information

High Purity Chlorine Dioxide Generation

Chlorine dioxide is unparalleled in its ability to effectively decontaminate materials and equipment. Being a true gas, it is unaffected by temperature changes, room configuration, chamber loads, has excellent penetration and distribution properties and is an EPA registered sterilant.

EPA Registered Sterilant

ClorDiSys' CD Cartridges are registered with the US EPA as a sterilant. This is the highest designation of biological efficacy, meaning it will kill all types of organisms.

Consistent and Effective

CD Cartridges are specially formulated to provide reliable and repeatable chlorine dioxide generation with a long lasting shelf-life of 1 year.

CD Generating Cartridges
Decontamination Capacity 70,000 ft3
(2,000 m3)
Dimensions 3" Diameter x 20" H
(8 cm x 51 cm)
Net weight 8 lbs. (4 kg)
Part Number 10-001