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CD Gas Passthrough ChamberTM

CD Gas Passthrough Chamber
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The CD Gas Passthrough Chamber is designed to be used in conjunction with any ClorDiSys chlorine dioxide gas generator. It provides a cost-effective method to decontaminate components, parts, supplies, and equipment entering a “sterile” or “clean” facility at room temperatures and without the need for an expensive, space consuming, energy consuming sterilizer. Pass-through chambers can also be used when removing items from a dirty or BSL level area to a clean area without the concern for cross contaminations.

The process is easy to validate due to the repeatable cycle, tight process control, and highly accurate sterilant monitoring system. The CD Gas Passthrough Chamber is an ideal choice for decontaminating your small items, electronics, and sensitive items. Total cycle times can be as fast as one hour for a 6-log sterilization level kill, with consumable costs under $1.

Custom sizing available to fit your facility's needs

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Durable Construction

All of ClorDiSys' CD Gas Passthrough Chambers are manufactured with the utmost of care and are made of rugged, durable materials to stand up to the demands of high usage.

Simple, trouble free integration

CD Gas Passthrough Chambers can be easily integrated for use with your new or existing chlorine dioxide gas generator.

Optional Safety Features

CD Gas Passthrough Chambers are customizable to incorporate various safety features. Internal emergency pushbuttons, interlocking doors, inflatable gaskets and fail-safe exhaust systems are available with your chamber depending on your facility's needs.


ClorDiSys' works closely with all of its customers to provide a custom solution for any situation. The CD Gas Passthrough Chambers can be manufactured to various sizes, or contain a number of features to help provide the best solution for your application.

CD Gas Passthrough Chamber
Decontamination Capacity 34.5” W x 34.56” H x 70.5” D
(Custom sizing available)
Dimensions 36” W x 72” H x 72” D
(Custom sizing available)
CD Gas Passthrough Chamber