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Decontamination Chamber

Decon Chamber
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ClorDiSys' Decontamination Chambers are designed for use in any pharmaceutical, manufacturing, laboratory, or research setting. They provide a gas-tight chamber for quick and easy decontamination of equipment and items entering a clean facility or for routine decontamination within a facility. The Decontamination Chamber is designed to easily interface with our Minidox-M, Minidox-B and Cloridox-GMP chlorine dioxide gas generators.

Chlorine dioxide gas is a highly effective agent capable of quickly and effectively sterilizing computers, electronics, medical devices, sterile products, instruments, and components at ambient temperatures. In some instances, a chlorine dioxide gas Decontamination Chamber can act as a direct replacement for a space consuming bulk autoclave and removes the need for high energy steam consumption.

ClorDiSys' Decontamination Chambers can be manufactured in either single door or double door pass-through configuration when the safe removal of items from a contaminated area is necessary or when new equipment and components need to be brought into a sterile area.

Custom sizing and features available
Durable Construction

All of ClorDiSys' Decon Chambers are manufactured with the utmost of care and are made of rugged, durable materials to stand up to the demands of high usage.

Simple, trouble free integration

Portable Decon Chambers can be easily integrated for use with your new or existing chlorine dioxide gas generator.

Multiple Safety Features

Emergency internal pushbuttons, interlocking doors, inflatable gaskets and fail-safe exhaust systems make each of ClorDiSys' Decontamination Chambers safe for operators. Additional safety features can be added upon request.


ClorDiSys' works closely with all of its customers to provide a custom solution for any situation.

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Decontamination Chamber
Decontamination Capacity Custom sizing available
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