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Decontamination DoorTM

Decon Door
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Easily turn any area into a cost effective sterilization room or passthrough area using the ClorDiSys Decontamination Door. Produced from durable, long-lasting polypropylene, the Decontamination Door can be easily retrofitted into existing spaces to provide a simple solution for your facility's decontamination needs or can be implemented from the ground up during construction. The door utilizes a rugged, non-inflatable gasket to provide a gas tight seal, removing the need for time consuming taping.

A Chlorine Dioxide Decontamination / Sterilization room provides a cost effective method to decontaminate components, parts, supplies, and equipment entering your sterile or “clean” facility at room temperatures and without the need for an expensive and space consuming sterilizer. The Decontamination Door includes a window for viewing and safety purposes, a loading ramp and can be customized with interlocks and can interface with your facility's security control access system.

Custom sizing and options available to meet your facility's needs.

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Rugged polypropylene construction

All of ClorDiSys' Decon Doors are manufactured with the utmost of care and are made of rugged, durable materials to stand up to the demands of high usage.

Viewing Window

As chlorine dioxide is a visible yellow-green gas, a viewing window can act as visual confirmation that gas is everywhere and further verifies chlorine dioxide's distribution and penetration properties.

Easy-locking handle lever

Singled handed lever operation allows for trouble-free loading and unloading of the sterilization chamber or room.

Loading Ramp

A loading ramp makes for easy loading of large or heavy items.

Decontamination Door
Decontamination Capacity Custom sizing available
Dimensions Custom sizing available
Weight Custom sizing available

The Decontamination Door as pictured is 84" H x 48" W x 6" D (213 cm x 122 cm x 15 cm), installed in a room with approximately 1,000 ft3 (28 m3) of total volume.