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Isolators & Chambers

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Our isolators are custom fabricated from durable polypropylene or stainless steel and are made to any size specification. Whether it be a transfer isolator, glovebox, or passthrough box, our isolators and chambers can be fitted with glove ports, Rapid Transfer Ports (RTP), biological research ports and a variety of other components. Please send a request to or call us at 908-236-4100 to discuss your project.

Custom sizing and features are always available
Rugged polypropylene construction

All of ClorDiSys' isolators are manufactured with the utmost of care and are made of rugged, durable materials to stand up to the demands of high usage.

Viewing Window

As chlorine dioxide is a visible yellow-green gas, a viewing window can act as visual confirmation that gas is everywhere and further verifies chlorine dioxide's distribution and penetration properties.

Glove ports

Easily handle items inside the isolator while gassing with glove ports.


ClorDiSys' works closely with all of its customers to provide a custom solution for any situation.

Isolators & Chambers
Decontamination Capacity Custom sizing available
Dimensions Custom sizing available
Accessories Custom accessories available

*The isolator as pictured is 33"W x 37"H x 26"D (84 cm x 94 cm x 66 cm) and has a decontamination capacity of 17 ft3 (0.5 m3).