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Torch Aire-RecessedTM

TORCH Aire-Recessed
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The Torch Aire-RecessedTM is an ultraviolet light room air disinfection system. Designed to replace a standard ceiling tile, the Torch Aire-Recessed installs easily to help reduce airborne pathogens. Air is drawn into the fixture through the louvered filter panels and disinfected within the center chamber. This design prevents UV-C exposure to those in the room by restricting light from passing into the occupied room, making it safe for people to be in the room at all times.

Torch Aire-Recessed TM is constructed of stainless steel and has a highly polished interior for optimal reflectivity. The maximum treatment capacity is 12,600 cubic feet per hour, and larger areas can be supported by multiple units. UV-C has been validated to deactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Click here to read more

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High Capacity

The Torch Aire-Recessed pulls in 210 ft3/minute, allowing it to quickly disinfect room air and provide multiple air exchanges per hour

Low Power Consumption

The Torch Aire-Recessed utilizes just 4.2 amps.

Reflective Interior Surface

The Torch Aire-Recessed's interior is polished to provide a highly reflective surface to maximize the ultraviolet intensity within the chamber.

Particulate Filter

The Torch Aire-Recessed filters the incoming air to prevent dust build up on the UV-C lamps.

Torch Aire-Recessed
Max Capacity 12,600 ft3 per hour
Overall Dimensions 9-7/8" H x 46-5/8" L x 22-1/8" W
Power 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 4.2 Amps
Bulb Lifespan 10,000 hours
(416 days if running continuously)
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