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UV Sensor
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Our UV Sensor allows for the continuous monitoring of UV-C intensity during a disinfection cycle. The UV Sensor reads UV-C intensity and provides a cumulative UV-C dosage that is being exhibited at that distance. The room number can also be entered for documentation purposes. These values, along with the corresponding time and date stamp, are saved via USB drive so that the data file can be used for infection control and housekeeping logs. The Sensor Box can be located outside of the room being disinfected, while the Sensor itself is located at a specific distance or location to provide the UV-C dosage being delivered to that position.

The UV Sensor is compatible with any UV disinfection system.

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Download the UV Sensor Brochure

Download the UV-C Disinfection Data Sheet

Displays Intensity

Shows real-time intensity of UV-C at sensor location

Accumulates Exposure Dosage

Converts real-time intensity into cumulative UV-C dosage at sensor location


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UV Sensor
Sensor Box 13.5" W x 12" H x 6" D
Sensor 6" W x 9" H x 9" D