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ATi Portasens IITM

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The ATi Portasens II provides low level chlorine dioxide gas detection. Simple one handed operation, flexible sampling wand and internal pump make it easy to pinpoint and fix gas leaks.

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Download the ATi Portasens II Brochure

Large, Backlit, Digital Display

Gas sampling values are easily visible, even in low light environments

Programmable Alarms

Three concentration alarms (caution, warning, and alarm), each with adjustable set points

Downloadable data

The Portasens II has the ability to download stored data values to a PC with an interface cable. Software included.

ATi Portasens II
Sensor Range Multiple sensors available
Dimensions 3.5" W x 9" H x 5.5" D
Weight 7 lbs.
Power D-cell Battery, 120/220 VAC charger
Accessories Included Carry Case
Part Number SENS-003