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CSI 3000TM

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CSI 3000 is an EPA-registered (#75757-2-80802) pure chlorine dioxide liquid concentrate. No on-site mixing or "activation" is required, just dilute from the 3000 ppm concentrate to whatever dilution is desired. CSI 3000 can be used to control microorganisms in research, food, pharmaceutical, and agricultural applications. It is easier to apply, safer to handle, and more effective than chlorine or bromine-based products.

Applications Include:

Food and beverage processing plants
Commercial potable water systems
Recirculating cooling water systems
Industrial pasteurizers
Heat transfer systems
Agricultural applications
Membrane cleaning
Air washers and scrubbers

Download the CSI 3000 Brochure

Pure chlorine dioxide

CSI 3000 contains a pure 3000 ppm solution of chlorine dioxide in water with no byproducts.

Storage stable for up to 9 months

CSI 3000 is able to be stored in a dry, dark place under room temperatures for up to 9 months

Rinses clean with no residue

Available in 5 Different Sizes

5 Gallons
15 Gallons
30 Gallons
55 Gallons
275 Gallons