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Flash Flood

Flash Flood
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The Flash FloodTM is UV-C water treatment device that operates inline with your water system. The Flash Flood can kill almost any organism within your water system using chemical-free ultraviolet light.

Available in multiple sizes, the Flash Flood ranges in capacity from 3-416 gallons per minute to fulfill just about any industrial system. Units with a capacity of 12 gallons per minute and higher are NSF/ANSI 61 & 372 certified.

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Sized for your Facility

A variety of sizes are available to fit most water systems. Capacities range from 3-416 gallons

Low Cost of Use

The Flash Flood costs as little as $1 per month to run.

Optional Bulb Monitoring Sensor

Some units can accomodate an automated bulb monitor to provide notification if the bulb goes out.