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Chlorine dioxide gas decontamination

Ultraviolet Light Disinfection

Safe on Materials...Deadly on Organisms

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ClorDisys offers trusted and highly effective solutions for all of your on-site and off-site decontamination service and equipment needs. Utilizing chlorine dioxide gas, the industry's most effective sterilant, ClorDiSys can eliminate all your microbiological contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, molds, spores, and even beta-lactams and pinworms. Chlorine dioxide is safe on materials and leaves no post treatment residuals, making it safe to use in the most critical environments.

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Latest News

ClorDiSys Quality Management System certified under ISO 13485:1600

ClorDiSys recently had our Quality Management System certified under ISO 13485:1600 to attest the dedication we have towards both quality and our clients.

ClorDiSys Becomes FDA Registered Contract Sterilization Facility

Click here to learn about ClorDiSys' new medical device contract sterilization service utilizing chlorine dioxide gas. Offering a quicker and more environmentally friendly process than traditional EtO, our team offers validated, custom cycles for your medical devices.

ClorDiSys Grant Assistance Program for EMS

Click here to learn about ClorDiSys' free grant assistance program for EMS, Fire and Rescue, Law Enforcement, and Local Government. Aimed to provide resources to find and apply for grant money, our grant assistance program utilizes a 3rd party to coach you through the process.

Boston University Validates Our UV-C Bulbs Against SARS-CoV-2

Click here to read about Boston University's validation work showing the efficacy of the UV-C bulbs we use against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.


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